Tradition, knowledge, innovation

Producing quality

We produce cured meats by mixing the best of artisanal tradition
handed down from generation to generation within the company,
and the best production technology.

Our core, Family

Brunello Salumi produces and sells cured meats in Italy and Europe since 1961.

We are present both in the national and international market.
Originated in Bassano del Grappa in 1961, the business has grown from a small retail business to a fully producing and distributing brand, already established in three continents and determined to grow further.

Manufacturing exellence

Following the needs of the market and the evolution of the technologies supporting the production process, the company has invested over the years to archieve increasingly high quality standards and thus being able to meet the requirements of the international market.
The group operates in 3 different plants that are located in: Bassano del Grappa where the HQ of the company are located, Castelnuovo Bormida (AL) is dedicated to the production of cooked hams and white meat charcuterie, Marano Vicentino is dedicated to the production of typical Venetian Salami.

Il Garzone del Borgo

The young Domenico, started his working career as a baker’s delivery boy. The photo of him on his bicycle, on the bomb torn bridge, the Ponte Vecchio of Bassano, has become the company’s symbol.

“Brunello is not our profession, it’s our home,
and our home’s foundation is built
on love and passion”

We produce cured meats

Over 300 product references

A complete range of roasts of white meats and cured meats; turkey, chicken and pig meats, Italian specialties.
Production technology at the state of art and qualitative standards increasingly appreciated in the market.