Speck Riserva Cinque Stelle

This speck stands out! Produced following the original method, we pay the utmost attention to both the size and the cut of the meat.
At the beginning of the production process, the thigh is de-boned and salted by hand with sea salt and a specific mix of herbs and spices, including: juniper, pepper, pimenta (Jamaican pepper) and coriander. The thigh is then left to cure in aging chambers, where the smoking process takes place. The seasoning allows the aromas to be embodied in the meat, resulting in a fragrant cold cut.
The unique taste is delicate but unmistakable and persists in the mouth leaving a light aroma, smokiness and spices. Served with warm polenta, it enhances all those special spices, creating an aromatic Wonderland in your mouth. Complete this starter with an excellent red wine.