The team

Our partners have been a key part of our success. Listening, taking care and supporting both the sales and post-sales process are the principles of our philosophy. Sharing goals and arming our network with promotional and strategic tools is salso part of our vision to optimise our business and theirs.


Mr. Stefano Zen

“Our sales network is constantly expanding.
Our “customer-centered” outlook on the service is being appreciated and is giving us positive feedback.
We believe relationships and collaboration opportunities are the key to a brighter future.”


Exibitions and events

We regularly participate in national and international fairs and exhibitions
We organize events and tastings of our products
at the customer’s offices or in the locations specially set up

We produce cured meats

Over 300 product references

A complete range of roasts of white meats and cured meats; turkey, chicken and pig meats, Italian specialties.
Production technology at the state of art and qualitative standards increasingly appreciated in the market.